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About AfterMilk

Aftermilk is created out of necessity, by the parents.

With Aftermilk you can find what are the best sound that help your baby soothe and fall to sleep.
Putting your little one to sleep can be difficult. Especially when you are tired from all days work in the office. We know this, as we've been there. That's why we started looking into what helps in this process. Soothing sounds are something that helps really often. However, we found out that each little girl and boy is different and they respond to different sounds. That's why we can't give you one single sound and guarantee that it will work like magic. It's best if you try different sounds ones and see which ones work for your little one.

Self-started with passion

Aftermilk started as a research side project in 2017 by our experienced web development team. We started exploring different sound applications and found out that none of them focused on calming our little ones. Having personal experience at home on how difficult soothing babies can be, we decided to do something about it. We have explored all studies and involved different sound and children therapists in order to get to the most common sounds that help babies sleep. We are constantly working on improving all the sounds. Furthermore, we listen to different experiences from our users and incorporate these findings into our new AfterMilk app versions.

Today we are helping more and more little boys and girls fall to sleep each day. That's the bigges satisfaction we can get.

Simplicity and care for little ones.

At Aftermilk we value simplicity, care for good design and details. Since this is about our little ones, we have put a lot of passion in it.
We are driven by the goal to create the best possible product, both for the parents and for the little boys and girls. We are highly motivated, not only by the fact than we are helping our users, but also that they love to use AfterMilk application. We have not created AfterMilk for profit. Instead, everything that we charge is for covering server and maintenance costs that are required to keep AfterMilk running as it should.

If you want to support us, share AfterMilk.app with your fellow parents. You can also send us an email at hello@aftermilk.app with your experience using AfterMilk. Or you can just say hello :)

All the Best,
AfterMilk team!