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Discover what makes AfterMilk inevitable and everyday app to help you calm and soothe your baby.

Enjoy high quality background sounds, curated Playlists and different noises hand picked by the experts, that will help little ones calmly go to sleep.


We offer 16 high quality background sounds that you can mix and match as you like. Each sound can be customized in its volume and combined with other sounds to create best experience.


Our Playlists are designed for specific situations and needs in order to guide you and provide you with new and inspiring Combos. Each Playlist contains lots of different Combos that you can browse through. You can customize each suggested Combo and if you find a Combo which your little particularly love, you can obviously save it to your Favorites.


Create your own wonderful Combos for different needs and situations so you can see what works best for your baby. You can save a total of 10 Combos and share as many as you like with your friends and parents.

You can synchronize your favorite Combos across our apps and bring Aftermilk with you, no matter where you go.


When Oscillation is enabled, it will gradually change the volume of single sounds within a Combo over time. It’s a great way to bring variety to your Combos without being intrusive or disturbing. You can set it both for your own Favorites and for Playlists.


Shuffle will make Playlists or Favorites gently change into another Combo. You can set with which frequency this change will happen.
When you’re playing one of your Favorites it will shuffle between your Favorites. If you’re playing a Playlist it will shuffle Combos within that Playlist.


With our advanced Timer you can exactly define how long background sounds should last. Different situations and babies require different soothing lengths. Try it out and see what works best for your little one. This can also help you in creating good sleeping habits.

Timer and sounds work together: the sounds will stop when the time is up. You can choose if you want the sound to gently stop or if you want also be notified once the time is up, either by a sound or/and a web notification. Additionally, we offer the possibility to show the Timer time on the browser tab while running.

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