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Does lack of sleep affect your baby?

You already know that lack of sleep affects most adults significantly - they may become nervous, quirky and their productivity considerably drops. On the other hand, effects of sleep deprivations may not be so obvious in babies and children, but nonetheless, they can be potentially dangerous.

Some of the effects that you might detect if your little one is not getting enough sleep are noticeable behavioral oscillations, excessive reactions, snappy attitude and general fussiness.

What do experts think?

Experts often suggest relaxing activities to help your little ones relax and fall asleep. These include warm baths, long strolls, and lullabies that will help a child calm down and fall back to sleep. But sometimes it can be really tricky to bathe your kid in the middle of the night, sing for hours or walk in the rain.

That is when AfterMilk steps in and helps you soothe your baby using simple sounds or their combinations that will calm your baby and give you a chance to get some much-needed rest. We all know how it feels going to office after sleepless night.

Aftermilk at Home

Working from home requires a lot of self-discipline as you find yourself in an environment that you associate with your private time and which is full of distractions inviting you to procrastinate.

Most of the time it is also too quiet. Every little noise, whether from your neighbour or your family member, can bring you out of focus. Keeping you in the zone and in focus is essential to any productivity period.

A lot of us turned on the TV or the radio to keep us company and indirectly mask other noises, but these tools are not designed to do so and rather seek for our attention. Aftermilk is the better option to drown out sudden noises and to help you create an inspiring work environment at home. You can either stream Aftermilk through your speakers or use it with headphones to drown out annoying noises.

Why sounds are important?

Over the past few decades, scientists and experts all over the world established that certain sounds can help the baby calm down. And those sounds are usually much louder than one would think, which is not surprising considering that your baby spent months and months in the womb, where everything is literally ear-shattering.

Research shows that noise that baby experiences in its mother’s womb is louder than a dishwasher and even vacuum cleaner and only slightly quieter than a lawnmower! Exactly these experiences in mother's womb are associated with different noises (white, pink, brown) as well as other sounds that we often find inside our homes (waching machine, hair dryer, bathtub, car etc).

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