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Mix different soothing sounds and create perfect sound environment for your baby calmness.

We provide everyday background sounds that help little ones calm down, rest and fall asleep more quickly and easily. Latest researches show that most babies get calm when they are surrounded by womb-like sounds.
Calm down and put your baby to sleep
Aftermilk is your little helper and companion no matter if your baby needs relaxing or falling asleep. You can choose between different sounds predefined and tried our durring our research. You can even create your own mix of favorite sounds that help your baby the most.
The right means to soothe your baby?
Aftermilk offers high quality sounds that you can mix and match as you like, plus curated Playlists for various situations. Try out different sounds and see what helps the most with your little one.
You are in good company
We have been in your shoes for quite a while and understand you completely. Be sure that we always find new soothing sounds that will help you and your little one. On top of that, we always look for new and better sounds that help babies get accustomed to our world.
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Why Aftermilk works
Background sounds have great masking abilities in reducing the negative impact of sudden spikes in external noise and enabling your baby soothing and going to sleep. Background sounds are also great for beating silence and creating a personal environment which will calm down and soothe your little one. We all forget that babies spent 9 months in calm environment. Our every day world is way too different to what they have been experiencing so far. Let's help them out!
Professional sounds
Aftermilk sounds are carefully chosen by different sound and children experts. Numerous researches have confirmed that this methodology works as babies have been 9 months in calm environment of mum's womb. This new environment is often too loud for them. You can read more on our parenting blog.
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